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Prop 39 Citizens Oversight Committee Minutes

Saturday, October 8, 2005 - 9:00 a.m.
Tri-College Center, Merced Campus

Members Present: Chris Tafoya, Chairperson, Maggie Randolph, Co-chairperson, Michelle W. Allison, Mary Villalta Brooks, Keith H. Groninga, Gerald K. Hoyt, Barbara Ward, Andrea Garibay, Joey Solis

Members Absent: Robert Edminster

Others Present: Larry Johnson, Marvin Smith, Sheila Flores (recording), Alex Bellanger and Bruce Rich, Parson’s Brinkerhoff Inc.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m by Chairperson Tafoya. The pledge of allegiance was led by Michelle Allison.

  1. Hearing of the Public
    (An opportunity will be given to citizens to address the committee on matters of the bond process B a five minute time limit will be allotted to each speaker, with a maximum of twenty minutes to each subject, unless extended by the Chairperson.)

There was nothing from the public.

  1. Approval of Minutes from the March, 2005, Meeting
    It was MSCU (Randolph/Allison) to approve the minutes.
  2. Presentations/Information

    a. Reappointment of Committee Members – Larry informed committee members that the Board had unanimously approved the reappointment of each of the current members for an additional two-year term. The Chair and co-chair positions will also remain the same. Each member’s term will expire in August of 2007.

    b. Introduction of Student Representatives - Larry introduced Andrea Garibay, Merced representative and Joey Solis, Los Banos representative and welcomed each of them to the committee. The board unanimously appointed the student members to the Bond Oversight Committee. Their terms will expire in August of 2007. Larry explained to the student members that the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee was established for the sole purpose of overseeing the expenditure of all bond funds by ensuring that all bond funds are spent as promised on capital projects. Larry thanked the students for their participation on the committee.

    c. Construction Project Updates - Before Larry’s agenda item, he introduced two representatives from Parson’s Brinkerhoff Inc., Construction Management Firm for the Los Banos and Learning Resources Center Projects; Bruce Rich – Program Manager and Alex Bellanger – On-Site Manager.

    Larry Johnson referred to a handout, which gave a brief summary of the other projects’ progress:

    Los Banos Campus Projects – The first phase (on-site development) of the project has begun and will extend the infrastructure onto the permanent site. The first project provides site development and a building containing teaching labs, general purpose classrooms, offices and a small library. The second phase provides facilities which include science labs, computer labs, classrooms, lecture space and meeting and faculty space. The final phase of the project will include a small Operations and Maintenance Building and the first parking lot. District Representatives are working with Cal Trans Representatives regarding the entrance and exit to the campus. Due to the large increase in construction costs over the past couple years; the District may have to exercise the Certificate of Participation (COP) option to offset the project overages due to industry increases. Current land owned by the District in Los Banos may be sold to offset the COP costs. The project is expected to be completed in Spring of 2007.

    Learning Resources Center Project – The project is underway on the Merced Campus. This facility when completed will be the largest building on campus measuring well over 70,000 asf. The LRC is funded through state and local education bonds at a cost of $18.5 million dollars and is expected to be opened by Spring 2007.

    North Loop Road Project – Construction on the North Loop Road Project and Parking Lot J is 95% complete. The North Loop Road connects G Street with Le High Street. The parking lot is adjacent to the Science Lab Portables and can accommodate up to 150 student vehicles.

    Science Building Remodel Project – The abatement portion of this project is completed. District representatives have had difficulty bidding this project. After two failed attempts to come within budget, the architects revised the plans to eliminate “load” requirements from Division of the State Architect. There have been no scope changes to the project. The plans are being revised and will be sent to DSA for final approval. As soon as the plans come out of DSA, the bids will be released to potential bidders. There is no anticipated completion date for this project at this time. At the completion of this project, the Science and Math Division will be able to provide teaching and learning spaces to accommodate increases in enrollment in the science and math areas on the main campus of Merced College. This project is funded with state and local funds.

    Siemens Energy Retrofit – This project is on going and will provide the campus with updated and energy efficient lighting and utility systems. Benefits of this project include enhanced lighting, isolated HVAC systems and a co-generation system at the pool. This project is funded through energy savings and bond funds and will be completed in May of 2006.

    Business Resource Center Project – The design phase for this project is complete and we are waiting for final negotiations between the City of Merced and a Hotel firm. It is anticipated a decision will be made in early November.

    Other Merced Campus Projects: The Allied Health Center Project was submitted an as FPP in 2004 and the project is scheduled to begin in 2007. The Agriculture and Industrial Technology Complex was submitted as an IPP in June 2005 and a Final Project Proposal will be submitted in June 2006.

    Larry added that escalating construction costs have impacted several Merced Community College District Projects. State wide, projects are coming in on an average of 30% over budget. We will continue to make every attempt to bring our projects in as close to budget as possible.

    d. Los Banos Bond Sale – Series 2005 – Marvin Smith explained to the committee that the last bond sale for Los Banos, also known as June Series 2005, occurred this summer. This is the last bond sale for Los Banos. Because we are up and running on our Los Banos Project, the need for funds came sooner than expected. This sale was a much easier process to go through and the bonds were sold at a premium. This bond sale covered all issuance costs so there were no “other” costs to the District, related to the Bond Sale.

    4. Discussion and/or Action

    a. Accounting Review – Marvin Smith referred to two handouts; one for the Merced Campus and one for the Los Banos Campus. The formats were compiled based on committee input from previous meetings. The documents for each SFID showed the actual expenditures by fiscal year and included a breakdown for each project. These documents will be included in the 2004-2005 annual report. Keith Groninga asked where the funds go that are currently being raised through other fundraising activities. Marvin explained that funds received through fundraising projects are deposited into the Foundation account until the funds are needed. However, fundraising funds are completely separate from bond funds.

    b. Review of Draft 2004-2005 Annual Report – Larry Johnson passed around a draft annual report for the fiscal year 2004-05. The complete report will be brought to the Spring 2006 meeting for approval.

    c. Mileage reimbursement for Student Representatives – Larry Johnson brought forward a request to fund student’s mileage for attending out of town meeting; i.e. Los Banos, Merced. After discussion it was MSCU (Randolph/Ward) to provide reimbursement travel for students serving on the bond oversight committee.

    5. Date and Time of Next Meeting
    The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2006, at 9:00 a.m. at the Tri-College Center Board Room. (This meeting was later moved to the Merced College Staff Dining Room).

    6. Meeting Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.



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