Tiphanie Ross

Tiphanie came to Merced College a little over two years ago determined to make a change in her life and in the lives of others.  She enrolled in the Spring of 2015 with an interest in business and has chosen to continue as a business major. After she completes her Merced education, she plans to enroll at either CSU Stanislaus or CSU Fresno and complete her B.A. in Business.  She plans to take that business degree and pursue a certification as a natural childbirth coach or doula.  She says that “it’s not where you come from that matters, only where you are going” and she has big plans.

With her great GPA and her membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma, she will go far. She was part of the Puente Program and then followed that with an SI position with Mike Barba, her English Instructor.  Mr. Barba said he was disappointed when her schedule changed and she was unable to continue in this position in his ENGL 85 and ENGL 01A classes beyond two semesters.  He describes her as a “driven…wonderful and committed student” with excellent study skills and who is always prepared for class.

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