November 2018 Student of the MonthPorfirio Negrete

“Success comes in different shapes and sizes. Despite the fact that we all take different paths to reach our success, our aspirations join us as a whole.”  -- Porfirio Negrete

Porfirio is a full-time student enrolled in Merced College’s DRT (Diagnostic Radiologic Technology) Program.  He considers education to be one of his highest priorities.  He got his love of learning from his mother who was unable to attend school as a child.  He plans to continue on to receive a Bachelor of Radiologic Science and eventually attend Loma Linda University’s Masters in Radiologist Assistant program.  There are so many different possibilities in this program and the life-long learning while exploring as many of them as he can is what appeals to Porfirio. Professor Lang states “He has said many times to me, that he wants to work a couple years as a radiographer in a clinical job then become an educator in our field.”  Maybe he will come back and teach for Merced College!

His nominating professor, who is also the Director of Diagnostic Radiology Technology, Professor Lang, says “In addition to his academic excellence, Porfirio stands out in the clinical aspect of the radiography program where he has not just received one kudo from his Clinical Preceptor for outstanding patient care, but five times just this year. Each one was handwritten by a patient or their family member and submitted to the imaging department manager complimenting Porfirio for his patient care. For this, he will receive the Caring Hands Award at the Pinning Ceremony in December when Porfirio and his cohort complete the program.”

He has received a number of additional awards during his time here at Merced College as well.  This semester he was awarded the “Outstanding Graduating Student Award” for 2018, he tutors students in the DRT program, is the DRT Class of 2019 Treasurer, is a member of both Phi Theta Kappa and Lambda Nu Honor societies.  During the 2 ½ years he tutored for the MC Student Success Program, he considered sharing his love of learning and his knowledge with students one of his highest accomplishments.   He and a classmate designed and performed an experiment related to radiation safety for operators of a piece of radiologic equipment at the Murnick Academy of Medical Arts in Sacramento last spring and plan to enter it again for a student scientific display competition help in November by the CSRT.

And he does all of these things and more while living in Stockton, attending clinics in Tracy and going to school full-time here at Merced College.

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