Pope - Student of the Month Ilyra Pope is our March Student of the Month.  She is originally from Orange County but moved to Chowchilla when she was 12.  Ilyra is graduating this spring with AATs in Communications and Psychology.  She plans to continue her education in Intercultural Communications and currently she is looking at the Intercultural Communications program at the University of Washington, Seattle. 

Ilyra's instructor, Chris Gaugler, states that she is an excellent writer and that she is “a woman on a mission” and applauds her worldview and character. He was thrilled to have her in his Anthropology class last semester.

While at Merced College, she discovered how her passions fit into education and how to take the steps that she needs to take to continue her education.  She says her professors have been amazing and have provided the guidance she needed as she moved through her academic career. 

Ilyra is active in her church and in her community including leading her youth group and participating in many beautification projects in Chowchilla and Madera.

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