Miriam Lopez Diaz -  Student of the MonthApril 2018 Student of the Month

Maria Perez was born in Mexico but came to the United States as a young child and has excelled in all her academic endeavors. She earned a number of awards and medals throughout her K-12 years and she is still achieving that success. Her proudest moment was receiving a CSF (California Scholarship Federation) award as an honor student in High School. She continues that success with a 3.0 GPA here at Merced College. Her instructor, Professor Gaugler, says that she is one of those students who “doesn’t just record and recite facts; she sees the big picture” and as such, she will continue to meet her educational goals.

She is in her second semester at Merced College and works in the Math Lab as a student assistant. She is working on her AST with plans to transfer to a four-year university. Her goal is to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She says that “Merced College is helping me to accomplish this by providing all the support that I need…and helping me succeed.” She also has interests outside and enjoys going to the gym, cooking and playing basketball.

Maria’s philosophy statement: “I enjoy helping people and that is one of my biggest motivations for becoming a nurse. I work hard to not only help myself but those around me. I believe that by becoming a nurse, I will do my part in helping the world become a better place. I am eager to see what the future has waiting for me and what Merced College has to offer to help me get to the top of the mountain.”

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