PankKou ChangStephanie Oliviera

Stephanie was born in Brazil but has lived in Merced for the past two years.  She has always dreamed of being an English teacher and Merced College has given her the opportunity to learn from great professors.  She works at the ILC in the Embedded Peer Mentoring program here at the college and is gaining experience working with students.   She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and president of Alpha Gamma Sigma, both honor societies represented at Merced College, and she is an active member of the Merced College Book Club.  Professor Near, who leads the Book Club, says that her insights into the books they read has been invaluable and was amazed that English was not her first language.

Stephanie wants to return to Brazil to further her education in Brazilian literature, and plans on coming back to teach it in the US.  She is excited about her ability to share what she learned here at Merced College with other students who are studying foreign languages since English was not her first language.  Professor Hull Taylor wrote that Stephanie has a “remarkable affinity to assess her peers’ academic needs” and this will take her far in her chosen career.  According to Professor Hull Taylor “Brazil’s gain – when she goes back home…-- will be Merced’s loss.”  

Congratulations to Stepanie as our Student of the Year for Merced College 2017-2018.

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