JoseFebruary 2020 Student of the Month

Jose Chapa Aguirre was nominated as student of the month by Disabled Students Program & Services Counselor Deborah Swarts.

It is an honor and joy to nominate Jose Chapa Aguirre (JC) for student of the month. Jose has been an exemplary student in all regards. Due to his extreme limitations of vision and hearing since birth, coupled with numerous surgeries, JC has excelled above and beyond all expectations of a young man's journey.

He is a high school senior and concurrently attending Merced College. Againist all odds, JC has excelled within the STEM field at Merced College with a G.P.A. of 4.0 in every class. He has been attending Merced College since fall 2017 (sophomore).

JC has an interest in becoming a biochemist and transfer to a four year institution. He has intentions to work for the Center for Disease Control or World Health Organization to battle emerging infections.

As a prolific writer he has written letters at the state level to advocate for a healthcare program called "California Children's Services". He was part of a new legislation in Sacramento to protect "Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs" (CYSHN). JC has received numerous first place awards from the Merced County Writing Festival. He received the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence in the 8th grade. He is the acting journalist and editor of his high school newsletter. JC hopes to have his finished draft of Hawaiian mythology published one day. One of his written poems has been chosen to be published in the "National Library of Poetry".

JC is an active member of the local Polynesian dance. His community connection has lead him to volunteer at the local Head Start program. He is a voting member of the "Whole Child Model Family Advisory Committee" for our local county to ensure children receive their medical care. JC is a member of his School Site Council which reviews and approves the use of Title 1 funds granted to his school.

JC has made a profound imprint within his age group and beyond. His high spirit and ambitious personality is infectious to all. He has touched many lives with his high energy, friendly ways, hard work ethic, warm and caring personality. He will rise to his potential and dream big to make a difference in the world. This young man is a magnificent role model for our future generations.