Melissa and familyNovember 2019 Student of the Month

April Heft, Merced College Child Development professor, is honored to nominate her student, Melissa Mouanoutoua, for student of the month.

Melissa Mouanoutoua’s autobiography:

My name is Melissa Mouanoutoua, I am a mother of three girls and have been a wife for fourteen years. I was born in San Jose, California and moved here with my family in 1988. My father and my grandfather were employed on the Castle Airforce Base. Merced has always been a place that I have called home. I still live in Merced with my husband and girls.

I am a full-time student in my last semester here at Merced College. I have a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. I have been at Merced College for six semesters. I have been a tutor in the Student Success and Tutorial Center for three semesters and before that I was a note taker for two semesters. I have been a member of my children's Parent Teacher Committee for three years now and have served on the board as the President for one year. I have received an award from Merced College's EOPS for my grade point averages for the past two years.

After completion at Merced College my goal is to transfer to Fresno Pacific to get my Bachelors in Early Childhood Development and then continue to get my Multisubject Credential, to become an elementary school teacher. I hope that I can also get a Masters in Early Childhood Development. I hope to become an advocate for Early Childhood Development and make a difference in our children's lives. I selected Merced College to obtain my degree because I am a mother of three children. I needed to be able to work around my children's and husband's schedules. Merced College does an amazing job at understanding that flexibility is important.

My educational goals are to finish my AST in Early Childhood Development at Merced College with my 4.0 GPA and transfer to Fresno Pacific to get my Bachelors in Early Childhood Development. Merced College has helped me in achieving these goals in many ways. The first is by providing me with passionate professors that continue to provide me with the passion that I need to succeed. The Child Development Professors make an effort to make all student to feel comfortable in and out of the classroom. It is staff like this that makes a place like Merced College a welcoming place. The next thing that has helped me to achieve my goals is the Student Success and Tutorial center they have provided me with not only a job, but opportunities to become a better student. Lastly Merced College EOPS staff and counselors has helped me tremendously with books, parking passes and getting my path all planned out and ready to go. Without their financial support and guidance, I would have felt lost and unsure of where I was heading.