Blanca Ceja-SalasApril 2019 Student of the Month and 2018-2019 Student of the Year

Like many students, Blanca Ceja-Salas came to Merced College with one dream, just to discover another.

The April Student of the month and Merced College Student of the Year has always loved animals and started at the College intending to study Animal Science. It was on the Merced campus where she discovered a new passion for photography. Cejas-Salas plans on combining her two loves and dreams of becoming an animal photographer for the San Diego Zoo.

Ceja-Salas is set to graduate in May with a 3.7 GPA and an AA in Photography. She already earned a certificate in Photography in Fall 2018 and has become so adept at it, a number of her photos were selected by the Art Department to be displayed in the Administration Building.

The sophomore’s accomplishments are all the more impressive when considering that English is her third language. Ceja-Salas was born deaf in Mexico. Her family moved to Merced where she was raised speaking American Sign Language and Spanish. She began learning English when she started school and has relied on ASL interpreters throughout her life.   

“She has proven to be a good role model for others students, especially our deaf and hard of hearing students,” Disabled Students Program and Services Counselor Dr. Melody Molina said.

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