One by one the newest Merced College Board of Trustees made their way to the front of the Margaret Randolph Conference Room and took their oath in front of a packed house.

Newly elected board members John Pedrozo, Sue Chappell and Mario Mendoza were introduced to the Merced College community at the monthly Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12. The board consists of seven elected officials, each representing a region in Merced County. Its purpose is to support the mission, vision and core values of the Merced Community College District, while helping to ensure equitable access and success to all students. 

Departing trustees Dennis Jordan, Cindy Lashbrook and Leonel Villarreal gave a few parting words before giving way to their replacements. Lashbrook and Jordan were the board’s longest tenured members, having served the last eight years.

“I’m proud to have this opportunity to serve this institution that has played such a pivotal role in our community,” Pedrozo said. “I’m ready to get to work alongside my fellow board members and continue to build upon the excitement and momentum that President (Chris) Vitelli has brought to the campus.”