Adrian Trevino didn’t want to be a kicker.

Despite his soccer background, Trevino had made the Golden Valley High School football team as a wide receiver. So, when it came time for kicking tryouts, Trevino kept to the shadows. It was only after a dozen of his teammates had failed to do much more than get the ball off of the ground that a friend pushed Trevino out of line as a volunteer.

Caption for Photo Above: Submitted photo by Zamani Feelings, Philadelphia Soul.

Trevino drilled a kickoff 60 yards on the fly and his football career path had a new course. The change of direction has worked out pretty well for the Merced College alum, leading to a six-year professional career split between the Arena Football League and the Indoor Football League. Trevino just completed his best season yet with the Philadelphia Soul, earning the AFL Kicker of the Year award after drilling 104 of 114 extra-point attempts.

“It’s been quite the journey, especially coming out of Merced College and then playing at Missouri Valley,” Trevino said. “I’ve kind of constantly been fighting this uphill battle because I didn’t come from a big-time school. I’ve flown all over the country doing these AFL workouts and have often been better than most of the guys there. But if it comes down to me or the guy that went to Kansas State, the team usually goes with the Division I guy.

“This award means a lot to me, because it shows how far I’ve come. I hope it opens some doors for me as far as my ultimate goal of playing in the NFL. All I’m looking for is a chance, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Trevino feels he’s poised to take the next step in his football career, having honed in on the AFL upright dimensions. It took a little time for the 29-year-old to adjust to the league’s unique goal post, which stands 15 feet high and just nine feet across. In contrast, the NFL uprights are just 10 feet off of the ground and 18 feet, six inches wide.

“Every move I’ve made so far has been about advancing my career,” Trevino said. “I really think kicking in the AFL has improved my accuracy. When I go outdoors and kick on regular fields, it’s so much easier.”

In addition to winning the award, Trevino and his Soul teammates will being vying for the Arena Football League crown when they take on the Tampa Bay Storm in Arena Bowl XXX on Saturday, Aug. 26.

“As much as I appreciate the award, the ultimate goal is to help my team win the Arena Bowl,” Trevino said. “I’ve never won a championship in football, so I’m really excited for this opportunity.

“All of my family is still back in Merced, so they don’t get to see me play very much. I started looking into plane tickets today, because a lot of them want to come out and watch this game.”

For those that wish to support a local product back home, the Arena Bowl will be live streamed on Twitter and at