Merced College is proud to announce that the new Well-Being Institute is now open for September enrollment at its Business Resource Center for the Fall 2020 cycle.

The Well-Being Institute was designed for organizations interested in learning about well-being in the workplace, and how to develop a healthy environment on the job for better productivity and an overall improved quality of life for employees.

It will launch its maiden voyage with the first of five courses beginning on September 14. Each course runs for two weeks. The final offering in the program concludes on December 14.

All five courses will be taught online this fall to adhere to current California state guidelines to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Program director Jonae Pistoresi took a 6-month sabbatical, from her usual work running the customer service and leadership programs at Merced College’s BRC, to research and develop the moving parts of the Well-Being Institute.

“The evidence is overwhelming that employees who have high well-being are more productive, offer better customer service, and are better for an organization's bottom line,” Pistoresi said.

The finished product represents over a year of her work examining the connection between employee engagement and well-being. She used what she learned to create an effective professional development program that organizations could use to improve the productivity and the lives of their employees.

The fact that the institute will launch in September, hot on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic—the biggest political, economic, medical and social upheaval in our lifetimes—is kismet.

“When I embarked on this journey,” Pistoresi said. “I had no idea we would find ourselves in this difficult place because of COVID-19. I had no idea we all would need to intentionally invest in our well-being for better mental, emotional and physical health."

Having this resource could aid organizations to help improve the health of our community in the wake of this global public health crisis.

Again, there are five courses that comprise the institute training. The topics that will be covered are (1) the foundations of well-being in the workplace, (2) building resilience, (3) fueling a body for success, (4) developing and maximizing strengths and (5) connecting the concepts of well-being, happiness and productivity.

Students may take any seminar by itself, or complete all five classes to receive a certificate of accomplishment from Merced College.

The Well-Being Institute completes what has become a strong three-pronged attack, along with the highly successful Customer Service Academy and Emerging Leaders Institute, that the BRC offers local and regional organizations to nurture employees as professionals and human beings.

For more information on the Well Being Institute, read the program brochure.

Also, please learn more about the customer service academy, and leadership and well-being institutes at the Merced College Business Resource Center website.