Dear Students,

I have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and understand the fear and uncertainty that this health crisis has created for many of us. Even though we are in the midst of what is possibly the most chaotic and disruptive event in our lifetimes, I find myself thankful for the countless acts of kindness and compassion seen throughout our campus community. The overwhelming sense of “team” our Merced College Family has demonstrated this past week is something of which we should all be proud.  I keep reminding everyone—including myself—that there is not a “right” or “wrong” answer to address this pandemic and no one has the perfect solution.  This is a novel virus and we are learning new information hour-by-hour.  Through it all, however, we have remained steadfast in seeking the most responsible solutions for our students, faculty and community. 

Here’s the good news: This crisis will end and we will be better friends, family members, and students because of this challenging experience.  For now, let’s continue to build each other up, care for those in need, and embrace the unexpected as we charter this new course.  We’re not just any college, we’re Merced College.  And Merced College makes students our focus, which makes the tough times a bit easier and the challenges more bearable. 

Thanks for all you are doing—we’ve got this and we’re here for you through it all.

Here are some ways in which you can stay informed:

For more information, contact the Office of External Relations at or (209) 381-6176.