Fifteen years after cutting ties with its soccer program, Merced College is bringing it back.

Due to overwhelming interest by both our students and our community, and upon the recommendation of the Merced College Soccer Task Force, the Merced College Board of Trustees voted unanimously at their August board meeting to reinstate the men’s and women’s soccer programs.

“We are thrilled to be bringing a soccer program back to Merced College,” Merced College Vice President of Student Services Mike McCandless said.  “This program will continue to create the dynamic campus life our students and the community deserve.  As we conduct outreach with our high school partners and in the community, the status of a soccer program is always one of the most frequently asked questions. As a district, we are proud to be able to let the community we serve know that we heard and we responded.”

McCandless co-chaired the task force along with men’s aquatics coach Scott McCall.  The task force, which was comprised of Merced College faculty, administrators, classified professionals, students and community members, was formed because of overwhelming data collected from our students and the public that indicated interest in bringing back the programs and developing an action plan to make it happen.

With the board’s approval, Merced College will now begin a coaching search for both teams and to start the implementation of soccer classes beginning in spring 2020 with the collegiate sport beginning in fall 2020.

“The program could be up and running by fall 2020, but we will definitely be competing by fall 2021. This is an exciting time for both students and the community,” McCandless said.