Chong Xiong is so dedicated to her college education that she only missed two days of class after giving birth.

 “She delivered her third child in the second week of the semester,” said Professor Halin Issavi, “and just two days later she showed up in the class. Honestly, I was surprised.”

Xiong, 28, Merced College’s student of the month for April, was born in Thailand.  Her family was relocated to Minnesota in 1993 and Xiong later graduated Highland Park Senior High School.  After high school she earned a medical assistant certificate from Minneapolis Business College.

“On August 2010, I made the biggest decision of my life,” she said.  “I got married, moved to California, and started my own little family.

“Being a stay at home mom for the last five years made me realize that I need to further my education; therefore, I am now back in school at Merced College.”

Xiong is majoring in nursing with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

“I want to better my life with a career that I can rely on and be a good role model to my children,” she said.  “Education plays an important role in one’s life and will benefit a person’s future?”

A dedicated student, wife and mother, Xiong said Merced College is helping her succeed.

“Others may have different opinions about community college, but community college is sometimes where dreams began. Merced College is full of hope and knowledge . . . The instructors are all great, and they put their students ahead of them.. . .”