After a year of market research through community and college out-reach efforts and focus-group meetings with staff, students, and alumni, Merced College is happy to unveil its new logo.

Organized under the Office of Public Affairs, the new logo refreshes and refocuses the visual representation of the College. The Jeffrey Scott Agency of Fresno produced the design in an effort to express the College’s internal values and the community’s positive impressions of the institution.

Retaining the main icon of the tree, the new logo is both representational and stylized, with the letter “M” embedded in the trunk. The new look gives a nod to tradition while also looking forward to the future.

“We wanted the new logo to represent who we are,” Merced College Superintendent/President Chris Vitelli said. “Our brand is growing this community and this new logo represents that in a couple ways.

“The tree represents growth, and there’s also elements of a pathway inside of the trunk. It also embraces the rich history of agriculture in this town and the surrounding areas.”

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