Hundreds of students, faculty and staff gathered around the Merced College Quad to participate in the Associated Students of Merced College’s second Carnival of Love on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Those that attended were treated to bright colors, music, games, food and just about every culinary confection under the sun. Over 10 clubs and campus organizations had booths selling everything from holiday goodies to a chance at winning a date with a cheerleader.

“The Carnival of Love just gives clubs a chance to fundraise as well as trying to give something to the students on our campus to brighten their day on the day of love,” ASMC’s Alexis Lemus said.

The Quad area was filled with an assortment of reds, pinks and whites to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Balloon arches offered entrance on both sides of the festivities, while a love-song playlist set the ambiance in the background.

Campus clubs sold a wide range of food including tacos, hot dogs, cupcakes, brownies and cookies. There were also an abundance of games for students to participate in. Some of the most popular included ring toss, water pong and the dart toss. No celebration would be complete without a prop-filled photo booth that many students used to create permanent memories of the afternoon.