Merced College is adding another skill to student résumés: music producer. The Merced College Music and Performing Arts Department are currently implementing courses that explore the technological side of the music industry.

With its new Introduction to Digital Music course the department takes music production into the 21st century. The classroom, located in the Vocational building, constructs individual workstations for the students, where they can compose, edit and orchestrate their own works through the click of a mouse. It allows to students familiarize themselves with technology and the vast world of multimedia production.

Dean of Music and Performing Arts John Albano said the program “promotes not only music composition, but all digital media, including graphic design, video production, audio production and digital art”.

The classroom is not simply a computer lab, however. Four individual rooms built within the space serve as multipurpose chambers. It becomes a sound booth, an editing space, a recording studio and a practice space where students can perfect their work. Albano hopes that these new facilities will provide opportunities for students to find practical applications and experience in the field of technology. He also says implementation of these programs are vital, as they allow the College to stay current with the changing job market. The global transition into a culture of the Internet and smart phones requires students to be knowledgeable in audio-visual media more than ever.

Courses will include techniques in recording, digital music notation, sampling, as well as composition and recording arts. There will also be opportunities for exploring these new terrains with courses in music theory, introduction to digital media and fundamental-based music courses. Albano hopes that these courses will attract music majors, as well as those looking to expand their horizons in the world of audio and visual media.

-- Submitted by Alessandria Pedretti

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