By Chris Vitelli

This time of the year is probably my favorite. It’s a culmination of our students’ tireless efforts, hard work, and sheer grit.

In just a few short weeks, approximately 1,600 students will earn their respective degree and/or certificate. As a college, it is why we exist and watching these students’ lives change before our eyes is our reward.

Of course, this is also a reflection of the commitment and dedication of a team of talented student-centered professionals focused on improving student achievement. I want to personally thank you, all of you, for helping our students succeed and I ask that you take a moment to reflect on your important role in the mission of student success at Merced College.

Merced College is on the precipice of innovative changes. Through bold, exciting, and student-centered initiatives, we are poised to improve the region through higher education.
Recently, Merced College engaged in a branding study. The study revealed initial community reaction to the phrase “Merced College.” The following three words were most frequently attributed to Merced College:

  1. Community
  2. Opportunity
  3. Quality

I am confident you will recognize that these descriptors in the outstanding work being done at Merced College. I am proud of the consistently great work completed at Merced College aimed at preparing students for their academic and professional future.

In the coming months, we will launch a “re-branding” initiative, which will include a new logo and standards. Ultimately, however, I hope you recognize your role in representing our brand. For many students, you are their community, you represent their opportunity to a better future, and they see quality because you put your best foot forward every day.

We have a very bright future at Merced College. See you at graduation!

This article originally appeared in the Campus Digest, April 2017 issue.

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