By Baba Adam
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) will help coordinate Program Review and Student Learning Outcomes/Service Area Outcomes (SLO/SAO) assessment for the District.

As we know, beyond being a mandatory component of accreditation, Program Review and SLO/SAO are integral facets of teaching and learning.

In order to improve the ease and effectiveness of Program Review and SLOs for college personnel, Merced College has systematically worked with a variety of vendors to identify the best possible system.

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, College Council unanimously approved the selection of eLumen to assist Merced College with the assessment of Program Review and SLOs/SAOs.

eLumen was first identified as the optimal choice in a recommendation by the Assessment Review Committee (ARC)]. This committee spent several years reviewing software solutions and found eLumen to be the most appropriate and user-friendly software available.

eLumen provides the following:

  • Automating the SLO/SAO assessment and Program Review process;
  • The ability to plan out assessments for multiple terms/years;
  • Generating reports to comply with the new ACCJC disaggregated data requirement;
  • SLO/SAO data auto population in sections of our Program Planning and Assessment (PPA) sections;
  • Attach action plans and resource requests to goals;
  • Meeting the ACCJC-WASC accreditation standards for sustainable and continuous improvement;
  • Making the SLO/SAO assessment and Program Review process easier for academic and non-instructional areas;
  • Making SLO/SAO assessment and Program Review meaningful.

Over the next few months, working in close collaboration with the Academic Senate’s Instructional Program Review / Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (IPRSLOAC), Educational Master Planning Committee (EMPC), and others across the college, orientation and training for faculty and staff on the use of the eLumen software will be conducted.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire ARC, especially the co-chairs, Dr. Edward Modafferi and Dr. Regina Coletto, for all the work in vetting and assisting in the selection of eLumen. 

Also, OIE would like to take this opportunity thank IPRSLOAC and Dr. Valarie Albano for years of outstanding work.

This article originally appeared in the Campus Digest, February 2017 issue.

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