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The following are common messages that are confusing and puzzling. We will try to address those issues.



We apologize for the inconvenience. Currently, only Active Students in 2006 have access to MC4ME Portal

However, if you just registered for courses, you need to wait 72 hours.

If you are a former student or alumni requesting access, click here and fill the form. We will activate your MC4ME Portal


  • I do not have a Social Security number on record, or, MC4ME Portal
    says my S.S. number is wrong.


This message means that your Social Security number is not in the database.

If you wish to give us your SS number (optional), you need to go to A&R in the Administration Building.

The SS number is used to reset your password using MC4ME Portal
. However, you do not need to give us your SS number in order to reset your password. If you want us to reset your password fill this form.


  • MC4ME Portal
    says my Birth Date is wrong, yet it is not wrong. I know it is the right number.

Your Birth Date is not on the database. You need to go to A&R in the Administration Building and fill an application requesting us to add your birth date to the database.


  • I have two last names and I can't find my username for MC4ME Portal

We do not really have a convention. In order to figure out your username in MC4ME Portal
try the following:

  • If you have two last names, try a hyphen:

Alvear Fuentes Alvear-Fuentes

  • Or try joining them:

Alvear Fuentes AlvearFuentes

  • Alternatively, type the two last names as they are:

Alvear Fuentes Alvear Fuentes

Try those three options in this page: MC4ME Portal
. MC4ME Portal
will give you your username then (usually firstname.lastnames). If those three options fail, please send us an email to In the subject type: I can't find my username. Please include your First Name, Last Name and Student ID number in the body of the message. You can also call us at 209 381 6565


Distance Education  WebAdvisor  MyMCCD Portal

We have two systems. The password is going to be different. We apologize.

When you reset your password in MC4ME Portal
, your password is your birth date: 013180 (January 31, 1980). However, the password will expire as soon as you access MC4ME Portal
. You need to invent your own password then.

On the other hand, in Blackboard CE6 your password will be the same as your birth date always.


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