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How to Waitlist

Four easy steps:

  1. Waitlist online-MC4ME Portal

  2. Go to 1st class

  3. Get Instructor's Signature during the 1st class

  4. Do not forget to register in A&R

See and hear Video Instructions, otherwise read transcript below.





The waitlist process allows students to place their names on a waitlist for a class section that is full. Students move up the list as openings occur and are filled.

Note: Being on a waitlist is no guarantee that you will get into a class. Students must still meet pre-requisite and/or probation requirements for the class before they can be enrolled.


How do I Waitlist?

  • Go to MC4ME Portal

    (see below for sign-on instructions)

  • Attempt to register for the class. If the class is closed/full you may be given the option to WL-waitlist for the class. If there is a waitlist spot available and you choose WL-waitlist, you will be placed on the waitlist for that section. You may only waitlist for one section of any given course. You can see the classes you are waitlisted in by checking Manage my Waitlists section of MC4ME Portal

  • You may also be placed on a waitlist by submitting a schedule request form at the registration counter in the Lesher Building on the Merced Campus or the Admissions/Registration Counter at the Los Banos Campus.

  • Qualified waitlisted students will be added to class sections by instructor signature on a schedule request form using the student waitlist as it appears on the instructors class roster. Signed schedule request forms must be turned in to the registration desk for enrollment to occur.

  • You must attend the first session of any class that you are waitlisted for in order to be considered for enrollment in that class. Failure to check in with the instructor of a class you are waitlisted for can lead to your being dropped from the waitlist for that class. Online students must contact their online instructor through email at the time of their first online class meeting to express their continued desire to enroll in the class.

  • To remove yourself from the Waitlist, go to the Manage my Waitlists section of Web Advisor and check the remove box and update. This will remove you from any waitlists that you have checked . You can also go to the registration counter at either campus and ask to be removed from any waitlist .

It is important for you to monitor your registration/waitlists through MC4ME Portal
whenever possible. You are responsible for any class enrollment resulting from waitlisting yourself in a class.


MC4ME Portal

(see video and image sign-on instructions)

MC4ME Portal
is a great tool that allows student to check their grades, register for courses, search classes, drop classes, waitlist for classes, pay class fees online and more.

To use MC4ME Portal
you must be a regular continuing student or a new student who has previously registered in at least one class. Returning, probationary and high school students cannot utilize MC4ME Portal
at this time.

Access MC4ME Portal

user name = firstname.lastname
password = MMDDYY (birth date in format 060188)

Once you are signed in you can search for open class sections, register for those classes that you meet the requirement for, or waitlist for classes that are full. MC4ME Portal
is also where you can find your grades after the end of the semester, print an unofficial transcript , or pay your outstanding fees.

If you have difficulty accessing MC4ME Portal
call or email our Student Help Desk or 209-381-6565. Hours are M-TH 10am-7pm, F-8am-3pm


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