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  •  The email webpart for student email is down for some students (Expected to be randomly down from March to May 2011). 

    GO to WWW.LIVE.COM to access your email.


  •  BLACKBOARD IS DOWN @ 4:00pm 3/31/2011
     We are working to solve the problem.
     Update: Working as of 8:00pm 3/31/2011

  •  CCCAPPLY is not uploading into Datatel and has not done so since Saturday night (03/26/2011).  When it is working again, your application will be uploaded and you will receive your “Welcome to Merced College” (second email) email that gives you your student id number. Until you get the second email, an account has not be created in Datatel. Please be patient. IT will be working tomorrow (03/31/2011)


  • The schedule of classes is online:

Spring 2011 -Click here to view PDF file

  • Blackboard was down for 30 minutes, from 2:30PM to 3:00PM, 09/08/2010



Black Thursday - Statewide Day of Action to Defend Public Education. Thursday, March 4, 2010




  • I want to register for classes online.
    If you are on a workshop, you need to go a a workshop:
    probation_workshop schedule

  • Waitlisting - Beginning Summer 2009
    The waitlist process allows students to place their names on a waitlist for a class section that is full. Students move up the list as openings occur and are filled. (instructions)

  • Wireless Access is ON in the IAC area besides the swimming pool as well as LRC area (Library), CDCNEW, ADMINNEW, Student UnionNEW, and LesherNEW!
    Note: Wireless access will be available by April 2009 in the following areas, Science, Lesher, Admin, and Student Union including the Cafeteria.

Image of WiFi Router (implying Wireless Access is ON)


  1. Connect to the wireless SSID mccd-student1 (it is not password protected)

  2. As soon as you start your browser, it will take you to a special login page.

    1. NoteNEW: You might get a RED Warning indicating the Security Certificate is invalid, recommending you not to access the site. Please IGNORE IT! You are safe. Go to the Site.

  3. Use your Portal username and password there.

  4. You are now ready to browse the Internet!


Hot Spot Map

  • Instructions to Update Respondus

    Open Respondus and click on the "i" located on the upper left hand side corner. On the new window that pops up click on "check for updates." Click on "Get Updates" and install.

    If you have MS Vista and are experiencing difficulties upgrading, click here and reinstall. NEW

    This procedure will solve errors such as a message stating: "Cannot verify LockDown Browser."

  • There is a Blackboard/IE Explorer issue while trying to open the Syllabus in CLDV-09, and in other courses as well. Please download and use FIREFOX to solve the problem. IE Explorer is having a problem with "html frames" in Blackboard, and in some systems. Click here to download Firefox.

  • Do you have difficulties attaching files in Blackboard?
    Please use Firefox

  • Read the Blackboard User Guide for Online Courses in PDF format


In English Language

In Spanish Language

Image of the cover of the Foto-Novela published by Merced College called "It's worth it"

Image of the cover of the Foto-Novela published by Merced College called "It's worth it" (in Spanish language)


Click here to open PDF file





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