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(Japanese Language is not supported anymore. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, you can add Spanish support and other western European languages. Click here.)

Date:      7/26/2005 

To:          LAB Staff

Cc:          Foreign Language Students

From:     Eduardo Alvear

RE:          Language Inputs for Foreign Language Students

In order to help Foreign Language Students type in different languages, we have implemented a simple solution. To switch in between languages students need only use Left Alt + Shift key combination.

Students no longer need to change the Language settings in the Control Panel. English will always be the default Language and Keyboard.


Hold the Left Alt key and simultaneously press the Shift Key.

The following box will appear on top of the screen. Students choose “Hiragana” and they are ready to type in Japanese characters.

Shortcut to change between inputs (Hiragana and Direct Input) ALT + ~ . (A contribution from Cedric Wienold, WorkStudy. He has been a great help. Thank You.)

日本語に変換する時は、Shift とAltを使うか、Alt~を使って変えてください。カタカナはひらがなをうった後、F7で変換できます。Defaultは日本語に変えないでください。 

Translation by
Yuko Sugiyama


Prepared by

Eduardo Alvear
Instructional Support Tech II
Certified Instructor at Computer Lab
Merced College
3600 M Street
Merced, CA 95348-2898




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