Transcript for Locating Items in Library PodCast


This is Dee Near of the Merced College library. I’m a reference librarian here, and I’m here to help you find materials in the library.


The new Merced College library is over 56,000 square feet - bigger than Costco! Here are some tips on how to find what you need in the library.


On the first floor, start with the Information Desk, located behind the low walls where the library catalog computers are. The reference librarians can help you find exactly what you need.


If you want to go it on your own, then first think of what you are looking for.


Textbooks for a class are kept behind the circulation services counter on the main floor. You must first have a call number for the textbook and your student ID with library barcode on the back in order to get the book from behind the counter. Those books stay in the library.


Databases with magazine and newspaper articles can be accessed at the seated computer stations on the main and top floors of the library. Ask for help at the information desk if you need it.


Audiobooks, CD’s, DVD’s and videocassettes can be found on the main floor near the seated computer stations. These check out for seven days.


Reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are found on the main floor behind the information desk.


Magazines and newspapers are kept upstairs. The most recent issues are out on the open shelves for you to enjoy. The older copies are behind the desk. You need to use an index in order to tell the staff what issue you need. Ask at the information desk on the first floor if you require help with the indexes.


The books that check out are shelved upstairs.


Fiction is shelved on the first two ranges of book stacks at the top of the stairs. The books are in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.  For example, George Orwell’s Animal farm is shelved under “F ORW” – we label the books with the first 3 letters of the author’s last name to help you find them.


Biographies are shelved at the back of the book stacks on the top floor. They are in order by the name of the person the book is written about. Books about Martin Luther King are under King, and labeled “B KIN” – once again we use the first 3 letters of the name on the spine label to help you locate the book.


Children’s books are shelved at the end of the second row of book stacks on the top floor.


If a chapter book or a picture book, they will be shelved under the author’s last name. So the Harry Potter novels are under “CHB ROW” - children’s book by J.K. Rowling.


Nonfiction children’s books are shelved under the Dewey Decimal number.


The nonfiction and reference books are shelved using the Dewy Decimal number system.


This helps keep the books in order by their subject. Dewey is divided into ten classes, beginning with 000 and running to 999.99. You do not need to memorize the numbering system; just write the number down and find it on the spine of the book.


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