Transcript for Dewey Decimal System PodCast


The Dewey Decimal System organizes the library. You donít need to memorize the numbering system, but it might help if you have a vague clue as to how it works. Dewey is divided into ten classes, beginning with 000 and running to 999.99


Letís start with the 000ís. 000-100 are for general information sources such as indexes, encyclopedias and computer books.


100-200 are for psychology, philosophy and ethics as well as books on witchcraft and dreams.


200-300 are for information about religions, including Greek mythologies.


300-400 are for the social sciences and include criminology, child abuse, environmental science and government.


400-500 are for languages.  Here you will find languages. Here you will find language instruction as well as many bilingual dictionaries and dictionaries of the English language.


500-600 are for sciences. Here are the biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics books.


600-700 are for technical books as well as medicine. This area has cookbooks, car repair manuals, parenting books, and many other helpful materials.


700-800    are for art books. Here will be the reproductions of an artistís works, books on how to paint a flower and art history.


800-900 are for literature from all parts of the world. You can find poetry, literary criticism, and plays here.


900-999 are for history books as well as travel guides.


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