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Merced College - Board of Trustees


Merced Community College District
Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

Beginning in the summer of 2000, the District became a subscriber to the Community College League's Policy and Procedure Service. The service provides templates for policies and procedures that meet all legal obligations, as well as promote effective governance at the District level. In an ongoing basis, both new and updated policies and procedures as required by changing laws and regulations, are provided by the League Office to member districts so that local policies and procedures may be updated.

Because not all of the District's policies/procedures have been reviewed and put into the new format and assigned a new number, policies are divided into "New" and "Old" policies.

A hard copy of the District policies and procedures may be viewed in the President's Office. If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Martinez (384-6100) or

Board Policies

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