Active Learning Conference

What: ALC2020 @ Columbia College

Where: Columbia College


Conference will be rescheduled for Fall 2020 

Guided Pathways is driving transformation on college campuses throughout the nation and campus structures, like registration, college websites, student services, etc. are all being re-imagined.  For true campus transformation to be complete, we not only need to re-imagine our campus policies and structures, but  we also need to examine what happens INSIDE the classroom. 

The focus of this conference is to help college faculty embrace the challenge of providing a high quality education for ALL students in ALL disciplines on ALL campuses by closely examining what we do in the classroom.  

Breakfast, lunch, refreshments, networking opportunities, and workshops covering great teaching strategies are included.  Priority registration for Columbia and Merced College faculty in will take place in February.  Registration for faculty (from any college) to fill any remaining spots will commence in the beginning of March. 

For more information email Brandon Tenn