Introducing the Flipped Classroom to Nursing Students
Claire Alvarez, RN, MSN/NE
Merced College

Nurses have approached the education of their students in a very traditional way for at least a hundred years. With the advent of the PowerPoint™ presentation, nursing educators adopted this exciting new methodology with great enthusiasm! However, changes in health care have exponentially increased the volume of content required to be taught in nursing schools, yet there has been no increase in the number of hours allotted to actually teach this content. Nor is there time to practice application of the information taught.

Nurses are required to be active, critical thinkers who are able to draw on a host of concepts in order to adequately care for their clientele. They are required to have various things: knowledge of the various disease processes; approaches to treatments; nursing interventions that will optimize the client’s outcome. It is increasingly clear that a knowledge-gap exists between what nurses know and how they should apply that knowledge. Traditional approaches to education no longer prepare students to be “real nurses”. There simply is not enough time to teach the vast volume of content we need to know. The answer? The Flipped classroom. Active learning methods that engage the students, promote critical thinking and working as a team. Come and see how nurses have turned education on its head and how education and nursing care is improving as a result.