Active Learning Conference

Due to the pandemic, we will not be hosting an active learning conference in 2021. However, we are fortunate to have hosted Dr. Derek Bruff (Vanderbilt Unversity, Director - Center of Teaching and Learning) in October 2020 and bring you a 3-part webinar series led by Dr. Mariale Hardiman (Johns Hopkins University College of Education) on her work Brain Targeted Teaching in 2021.

The Brain Targeted-Teaching® Model for 21st Century Schools

Presented by Dr. Mariale Hardiman

New and ongoing findings from the learning sciences have produced a vast frontier of knowledge on how the brain processes, stores, and retrieves information. Educators have increasingly recognized their role as consumers of this emerging knowledge, yet translating research into instructional practice often becomes challenging. This presentation describes major themes of neuroeducation through the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model, an instructional framework that provides a coherent approach for bridging research to practice for professionals working in education and other organizational settings.

The Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model presents six stages, or “brain targets” of the teaching and learning process. The components include (1) establishing the emotional climate for learning, (2) creating the physical learning environment, (3) designing the learning experience using “big picture” visual representations, (4) teaching for the mastery of content, skills, and concepts, (5) teaching for the extension and creative application of knowledge, and (6) evaluating learning. A central theme of the model is the integration of the arts to foster retention of new information, conceptual development, and higher-order thinking and creative problem-solving.

The workshop series provides an overview of the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model focused on the following objectives:

Session 1 (Jan 8, 2021):

Describe research from the learning sciences that informs educational practices; dispel neuromyths; identify basic brain structure and function; summarize the tenets of the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model for students at all levels of learning.

 Session 2 (Feb 5, 2021):

Describe how emotional and physical environments affect learning. Design concept maps to convey visual representations of workshop or related content.

Session 3 (Mar 5, 2021):

Design activities to teach for mastery of content, skills, and concepts; apply and extend knowledge through creative problem-solving; and evaluate learning.
Speaker: Dr. Mariale Hardiman
Dates: Fridays (Jan 8, Feb 5, Mar 5 - 2021)
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am PT
Location: via Zoom (links will be sent to registrants 1 week before each seminar)