Merced College Campus Shield App

Merced College offers Campus Shield app, which links students and faculty directly to campus police in the event of an emergency.



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More About Campus Shield App

The app, which is free to download from either the Google play or Apple App Store, allows users to make an emergency call straight to campus police, submit tips for crimes or suspicious activity, request a safety escort or review campus emergency procedures.

  • Free for anyone: students, faculty, staff and visitors
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Summons Emergency Services by telephone with a single button
  • Submit non-emergency reports including a picture and a video
  • Submit anonymously
  • Instantly notify pre-identified contacts of your safety and location


The College has always valued your safety and we are using technology to accomplish this goal.  The Campus Shield Mobile app ensures that students, faculty, staff and visitors have the most cutting-edge safety technology.  This app can be downloaded to your smart phone, and at a push of a button, the College Police will know that you need assistance.

Users complete and save a profile which stores on the mobile device.  Profile information is not communicated to Merced College Police until the user initiates a request for service.  The profile allows for up to three Emergency Contacts to be selected from the device’s address book.

Emergency Calls

Users may select the emergency button to initiate a telephone request for emergency services.  While on Merced College property, the user is routed directly to the Merced College Police and will include the user’s location and profile data.  Off-campus calls are routed to “9-1-1”.  When selecting the emergency call button, a short countdown will begin to give the device user an opportunity to cancel the call should it have been accidental.

Emergency Calls


Users may submit non-emergency reports to Merced College Police: Suspicious Person, Theft, Drug Use, Concerning Behavior, Vandalism and Other Inquiry.  Upon submission, the Merced College Police receives the user profile and location data to assist in a response.  All reports may be submitted anonymously with or without a picture or a video.


Friend Watch

Enables you and your friends to watch out for each other.  Users enter the activity and an end time to begin a countdown… enter your passcode before that set time or FriendWatch contacts will be notified. Use FriendWatch while walking to/from your car, social functions, class, etc.


Additional Information

Helpful information is located here to assist users with parking, maps, and safety tips.