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  • Students receiving services through Disabled Students Program and Services must possess a verifiable disability, be unable to fully benefit from the regular programs and services offered by the college due to the educational functional limitation(s) of stated disability, and need specialized services or instruction in order to alleviate these disability-related educational limitations.
  • Students must possess the ability to respond appropriately to questions, follow directions, and demonstrate the potential to profit from instructional/educational programs.
  • Students must demonstrate annual measurable instructional or educational progress toward their stated goals. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of service(s).
  • Students must possess the ability to negotiate the campus facilities either independently or with the assistance of an attendant provided by the student.
  • Students must possess the ability to take care of personal needs unassisted or to provide an attendant for such purposes.
  • Students must possess a stable level of health in order to benefit from a full semester/term of classroom participation.
  • Students are to assume personal responsibility for taking any medications.
  • Students are required to follow the Standards of Student Conduct (Board Policy 5500) established by the college.