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Image of Lesher Building, Merced College
The Career Center is located
on the 3rd Floor of the
, Room 312.
Phone: 209 384 6243

Walk ins Welcome!


Where is the Career/Transfer Center located?

We are located in Lesher Student Services Building, on the 3rd Floor, in Room 312.  We are co-located with the Transfer Center.


What hours is the Career/Transfer Center open?

Our hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 8:00am - 4:30 pm

Wednesday - 8:00am - 7:00pm

Our summer hours may vary,  please call ahead to ensure that someone is available to assist you.  (209)384-6243 or (209)384-6239


What does the Career Center offer?

The Career Center offers students the opportunity to research careers and find out which ones would be best suited for them.  We have many computer programs, websites and books that give students a wealth of knowledge.  We also have information about majors.  It is important for students to understand that they are able to do a single career through many different majors.


What tools are available to help research different careers?

Our center offers many different resources in a variety of forms.  We have a software program called Eureka that allows students to find their interests, connect them to a career and then match to a college and major that is right for them.


How do I go about taking a Career Interest Test?

There are two types of Career Interest Tests.  The first are the kind that are free.  These are connected to a variety of websites.  Students are able to access them from their own computers or they can use the computers in the Career Center. 

The second kind are the ones that have a small fee attached.  These can be taken upon recommendation by a counselor.  Upon recommendation the student pays the fee and then is given a password to access the tests online.  When they have completed the test the counselor will go over the results with them.


Who is eligible to use the Career Center?

Our Career Center services are available to any current Merced College student.  Our services are also extended to former students for up to 2 years after they have left Merced College.


What if my question is not answered on this page?

If you still have questions after reading this page, please contact us at the Career Center.  Please feel free to stop by or call for more information. (209)384-6243


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