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Merced County Human Services Agency - Work Experience (WEX)unit

Merced College CalWORKs program works collaboratively with Merced County Human Services Agency (H.S.A.) - Work Experience (WEX) to place CalWORKs participants in training and work experience positions on campus. The purpose of the WEX program is to provide WEX participants with sufficient work experience to permit them to meet their monthly program work requirement, and to gain employment experience.

The Work Site placement is used to prepare participants for future employment to support those behaviors that will enhance the participantís ability to obtain self-sufficiency. WEX can help CalWORKs participantís at Merced College meet their 35/40-hour requirements. A WEX site is a place where participants can obtain experience in a work setting that may be included on a participantís resume.


H.S.A. Employment and Training

(209) 385-3000, ext. 5304


web page updated 06/11/2014