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Student Testimonials

Current Student

The CalWORKs program has helped me immensely to meet my goals and to succeed.  My work has been with me throughout my drug treatment and helped me to connected with CalWORKs at Merced College.  The Staff on campus in the CalWORKs department are very friendly and helpful. and I am grateful for their knowledge and assistance in guiding me in the right direction.  What I can say has helped me the most has been the assistance in getting my books paid for and the mileage reimbursement. 
~  Major: Addiction Studies


Class of 2011

"CalWORKs has provided me with the guidance from my worker with my goals in life.  They have helped me SIGNIFICANTLY by supporting me financially with reimbursement for my mileage and covering the cost of my books. "
Nicole ~  Major: Communication, Age 21, 1 child

 "The CalWORKs program has helped me tremendously with school with everything from gas to get from home to school and back as well as my books for class. They have helped me with child care and have also helped me with finding a work study job.  Without the CalWORKs program or the CalWORKs staff I don't believe that I would have made it threw college on my own."
Veronica ~ Major: University Studies,  Age 22, 1 child

"They provided me with the tools necessary to pass my classes. They held me accountable when it came to attending classes."
Adrian ~ Major Psychology/Social and Behavioral Science,
Age 27, 3 children


"The Merced College CalWORKs program helped me reach my goals by supporting me with daycare, financial help and most importantly always encouraging me when I went into the office."
Sabrina~ Class of 2009, Major: Liberal Studies

 "Sometime I think if it wasn't for CalWORKs, DSS and EOPS/CARE, I would have quit school, when I kept flunking out of Math. But Everyone one believed in me  until I finally had to believe in myself.  That's what this program has done for me."
Nadine ~Class of 2007, Major: Human Services



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