The 2014 Women’s swim team was the smallest team in recent history.  With only eight women, we managed to hold our own against larger teams and place a respectable 4th at the conference meet.  Many achieved lifetime best times and placed in the top three of their events.  While these accomplishments make me happy, it is the smaller victories that make me proud.

Cassandra could barely swim a 50 at the beginning of the season.  Coming from a background in dance, she wasn’t sure swimming was going to work, but she got in and tried.  She almost quit after the first day of practice, but the encouragement from the rest of the team kept her here.  The sight of all seven girls huddled at the end of the lane in the rain for Cassandra’s first ever event let me know this was a special group of girls.  Cassandra dropped a total of 30 seconds in her 100 free this year.

Tamarah wanted to dive.  She knew she could score more points in diving so wanted to focus her attentions there, at least on the 1 meter board.  Even though the 3 meter board scared her—a lot—when it was discovered there were only three other divers in the conference, she focused in and put together a dive list for that board as well.  Again, the team was put ahead of the individual and success was found.  Tamarah was 3rd on the 3 meter and 4th on the 1 meter.

These are only two of the numerous examples I could provide on the special nature of this particular group of girls.  Having only eight allowed them to bond and forced them to rely on each other for motivation at practice and at meets.  Our numbers may not have been there, but we had depth of heart and determination. 

It was a pleasure and adventure to coach and spend time with the ladies!  We were tiny, but tough!!

Coach Sue