Academics, Attitude, Athletics : Three words that describe a history committed towards excellence.

In 2010 - 2011 the Blue Devils finished the season 12- 15 overall,  and 5 - 7 in the CVC.   The 4th place Blue Devils were lead by sophomore 1st Team All-CVC Tamar Moultrie who lead the conference in scoring with 18.2 points per game.  He was the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Team All-Around player and team Best Floor Shooter.  He was joined by Honorable Mentions G Alonzo Sharpe, and P Joshua Tatum.  Sharpe was the team Best Free Throw Shooter and Mr. Assist.  Tatum lead the team in rebounding, and was the Doug Lefever Most Charges Taken recipient.  A year of ups and downs, but a year with some outstanding performances.

2011-12, 1-22 overall, 0-12 CVC - Joshua Tatum was named 1st Team All-CVC, while Andre Matson was named Honorable Mention All-CVC.  Post Frank Burns was named to the All-Defensive CVC Team.

2012-13, 1-22 overall, 1-11 CVC

2013-14, 2-22 overall, 1-11 CVC - Aaron Deatherage was named Honorable Mention CVC.  Aaron lead the team in schoring averaging 13.7 points, and 5.2 rebounds per game.  He was joined by fellow Blue Devil Jermaine Crowder on the Honorable Mention Team.   Jermaine wa s second in scoring with a 12.6 points per game average.

2014-15, The Blue Devils finished 2-22 overall, and 1-11.   The Blue Devils were lead by Deonta Woodard who averaged 15.7 points, and 6.7 rebounds a game.  Robert Martinez averaged 11.1 points and a team high 2.8 assisters a game.

2015-16,  The Blue Devils were 2-23 overall and 0-12 in CVC.  The Blue Devils were lead by G Anthony Nolen who averaged 17.6 points a game.  Jose Gonzalez lead the State in Free throw shooting with a 96.4% (54-56) and destroyed the College's freethrow shooting.  He also averaged 17.5 points per game. 

2016-17, 17-11 overall and 9-5 2nd place in CVC.  The Blue Devils beat Fresno City College in Fresno giving the Rams their first conference loss at home in over 10 years.  With backs to the wall they won their last two regular season games, finished in second place, and played in the first round of the Northern California Regional losing to #3 seed Yuba College 89-96.

2017-18- 4-22 overall and 2-12 7th place tied in the CVC.  

2018-19 - 12-16 overall and 8-8 tied for 4thplace in CVC.  The Blue Devils just missed out in making the State Regional playoffs.  The Blue Devils were lead by G Kesean Waren 13.0,   P Chris Roberson 13.3, G Alexander Stewart 19.0, and P Paul Clark 10.6 points a game.