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Anthro Club Book Sale

The next book sale will take place in the fall.

Mon.- Fri.,  9am-9pm (closes earlier on Fridays)

Merced College Quad


Set-up on Sunday,  9:00 am - Finish

Clean-up will be on Saturday,  9:00 am - Finish


It is vital to the success of the sale and the club that all members assist with the setting-up of the sale on Sunday, and the clean-up on Saturday.  

Our rule is simple:  The hardest-working club members who put in the most hours at fundraising activities are the first members asked to join the club on any field trips or other fun activities.

During the week, it is preferred to have at least 2-3 members working at all times; more is even better. 

Work duties include: taking money and making correct change, helping customers find books, continuous sorting, straightening up and restocking of the books, keeping the sale area clean, and covering up/uncovering the books each night and morning. 

All textbooks, hardback books, and trade paperbacks are $1.00 each; paperback novels are $.50 each.  We accept cash or checks made out to the "Anthropology Club", and it is okay to give the customer a slightly better deal if they are purchasing a large amount of books.  We always accept monetary and book donations: get the donor's name and address if they want a receipt mailed to them.

There will be identification badges at the kiosk for members to wear so that they can be identified by customers.  Please take the badge off and leave it at the kiosk when you are done with your shift so the next member can wear it.  Also, don't forget to record the times you work on the sign-in/out sheet located inside the kiosk. 

Thank you!

Members, open the links below to view the book sale work schedule.

Contact the club Advisor with dates and times you are available to work or if you have questions.  The sign-up sheets will be updated daily until the sale begins, after which they will be in the kiosk at the sale.

Sunday, 00    Monday, 00    Tuesday, 00    Wednesday, 00    Thursday, 00    Friday, 00

Monday, 00    Tuesday, 00    Wednesday, 00    Thursday, 00    Friday, 00    Saturday 00


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Last updated on 04/11/14