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Christine with a Native American Mortar in Hands

Christine Grimaldi ClarksonChristine at Wijiji Ruins, AZ

Instructional Support Technician III
Science / Social Science Divisions
IAC-111, Office Hours Vary
(209) 384-6019 

Full-Time Instructional Support Technician III for the Anthropology, Archaeology, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Geography, Physical Science and Engineering Departments
Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology and World Geography

Advisor to the Merced College Anthropology Club
Christine at Uxmal, mexico

A.A. - Merced College
A.B. - U.C. Davis, Focus in Forensic Anthropology, Minor in Art History
Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in World Cultures / Archaeology at U.C. Merced.

Christine working in Belize.

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