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Arthur EmusArthur Emus is Merced College's New Student Trustee

September 19 , 2007

Arthur Emus is the new Student Trustee for Merced College and has been attending the Merced College Board of Trustee meetings representing the students.

Emus was born and reared in Imperial Beach in southwest California. Growing up on the border of two countries exposed Emus to a wonderful mixture of culture, people and customs, complimented by summers with his beloved grandfather in Southern Illinois. His parents, teachers by profession, encouraged his involvement in as many activities as he could participate in and his childhood flew by with activities such as surfing, baseball, Boy Scouts, and church activities.

"I had the privilege early on to attend a small Southern Baptist school until I was offered a sports scholarship to a Catholic high school," states Emus. "Because of this opportunity, I discovered so many more clubs and activities, that I practically lived at school, becoming even more excited by art, music, sports, and religion."

Sadly, Emus' grandfather passed away following his senior year. His grandfather left his Oldsmobile to Emus, his first car, which "I packed with my camping gear and took off east, resolving to explore nature on my own." For nearly two years, Emus traveled over parts of California, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona, working as a rafting guide, snow board instructor, camp counselor, and windsurfing instructor.

At his parents' request, Emus returned to school. His uncle invited him to move in with him and attend Butte College. This proved to be a great educational and social experience. Unsure of what career he wanted to pursue, but knowing he enjoyed science, Emus enrolled in as many biology and chemistry classes as he could.

"My chemistry teacher became my mentor and suggested that I look into Radiological Technology," says Emus. "After some investigation at the local hospital I was convinced that was what I wanted to do. It was at Butte that I finished most of my prerequisites while working two jobs: one as a science tutor at the college, and another as a yoga/cycling instructor at the local gym." To supplement his activities, he became the treasurer for the Friends of the Refuge, a club involved in the conservation efforts of Butte College.

Since Butte did not have a Diagnostic Radiologic Technology program, Emus began looking for a school that did. After consulting counselors, professors, and hospital administrators, "I was drawn to Merced College because of its excellent reputation."

Once in Merced, Emus immediately found several niches that he enjoyed. He joined the college water polo team, a sport he had never before played, and began taking courses that interested him while he was on the waiting list for the Rad Tech program. Employed as a math and science tutor his first semester, he later became a supplemental instructor for biology.

Emus has established himself as part of our community by volunteering as an assistant Boy Scout leader for Troop 393, becoming president of the Merced College Pre-med Club, a College for Kids rock climbing instructor, vice-president of Fellowship for the Merced College Honors Society Phi Theta Kappa, performing with Steps Dance Studio, and of course, becoming the student trustee for Merced College.

Emus recently completed the EMT program at Merced College and plans on working for Riggs Ambulance Service this semester. "The surrounding agriculture and the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas are why I love living in Merced," said Emus. He has had the opportunity to volunteer on several types of farms since moving here and has visited and volunteered at the national parks and forests all over the Central Valley.

"I was nominated by Steve Clark for the trustee position," said Emus. "And feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn and contribute as a member of student government. I hope to learn from the esteemed members of the Board, as well as provide input for student opinions in the decision making process." Emus envisions many great things happening in Merced and the potential for even more.

"Merced has embraced me with great kindness and it is with gratitude and optimism that I now serve this community."

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