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Merced College Offers Internet Spanish Language Class

August 7, 2006

Merced College begins a new semester August 14 and it's not too late to enroll. However, many people can't find the time to fit a traditional class into their busy schedule, so Merced College is making it easier for students to take classes from the comfort of their own home by offering several classes on-line for the spring semester.

One such class is Intermediate Spanish Span-04, a 5 unit class, which offers a thorough review of the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking and understanding Spanish.

Merced College Internet-based classes give students an opportunity to complete most of the course work outside the classroom at times they find most convenient. Currently, most of the internet-based classes require some time on campus in face-to-face contact with the instructor.

Students who take internet-based classes should have a strong sense of self-motivation and dedication to school work, particularly as it relates to meeting deadlines. Students should also realize that Internet-based classes take as much time, if not more, as regular classes to complete. Students must also have access to the Internet and a computer. Merced College has an open computer lab where students can access the Internet to take these classes, but it is not open around the clock, on holidays, or Sundays, so access to a personal computer is strongly encouraged.

Registration for the Fall semester is now in progress. For more information regarding registration, call 384-6000. For more information regarding Spanish 4, call the instructor, Natalie Sobalvarro-Butler , at 381-6536, or contact her at .


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