Program Description

The Communication Studies curriculum is designed to assist students from all majors in developing communication skills. Those students interested in majoring in communication studies, with possible emphasis in public speaking, small group discussion, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, or oral interpretation, should consult the catalog of the college to which they plan to transfer for these and other options.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Communication Studies:

  • Communication Studies (AA-T)

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Career Opportunities

This degree prepares students for careers requiring communication skills, whether it be small group, interpersonal, public speaking, or intercultural.

Communication Studies Faculty

Name Position Office Email/Phone
Jim Bonstein Professor of Communication Studies /
Humanities Faculty Co-Lead
(209) 384-6319
Lee Anne Hobbs Professor of Communication Studies IAC-246
(209) 384-6255
Matthew Ward Professor of Communication Studies  COMM-22
(209) 386-6651
Janee Young Professor of Communication Studies IAC-222
(209) 384-6321

 Part-Time Communication Studies Faculty