Our Mission

The mission of the Biology Department is to provide a wide range of courses supporting students majoring in the biological and health sciences, while offering high quality breadth courses for the rest of the student body.

Program Description

The student majoring in biological science is generally preparing for transfer to a four-year institution and a career in research, teaching, lab technology, one of the health care professions, or related fields. Math requirements for biology majors vary widely. Investigate the math requirements of the four-year schools to which the student intends to apply and design an educational plan accordingly


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Biology:

  • Biological Science (AS)

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Biology Faculty

Name Position Email
Jourjina Alkhouri Professor of Biology jourjina.alkhouri@mccd.edu
Cary Coburn Professor of Biology & Environmental Science cary.coburn@mccd.edu
Karen Crombie Professor of Anatomy, Biology & Environmental Science crombie.k@mccd.edu
Megan Igo Professor of Anatomy, Biology, Microbiology & Physiology megan.igo@mccd.edu
Mireya Macias Professor of Biology & Microbiology macias.m@mccd.edu
Edward Modafferi Professor of Biology, Biotechnology & Microbiology edward.modafferi@mccd.edu
Emily Reed Professor of Biology emily.reed@mccd.edu
Brenda Schneider Professor of Biology brenda.schneider@mccd.edu
Katherine Schroeder Professor of Biology, Los Banos Campus katherine.schroeder@mccd.edu
Christiane Touma Professor of Biology christiane.pailo@mccd.edu
Wendy Ward Professor of Biology, Los Banos Campus wendy.ward@mccd.edu
Summer White Professor of Biology summer.white@mccd.edu

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