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Online Instruction Requirements

Spring 2012 on the Internet

Merced College Internet-based classes give students an opportunity to complete most of the course work outside the classroom at times they find most convenient.

How to be a successful online studentCurrently, most of the Internet-based classes require some time on campus in face-to-face contact with the instructor. This requirement will vary from class to class, so read the schedule carefully.

Students who take Internet-based classes should have a strong sense of self-motivation and dedication to school work, particularly as it relates to meeting deadlines. Students should also realize that Internet-based classes take as much time, if not more, as regular classes to complete.

Students must already possess the following technology skills:

  • Use of email
  • Ability to create and email documents in attachments (Word and RTF)
  • Experience with uploading and downloading files
  • Experience with posting to discussion boards, on line chats, and electronic bulletin boards

Students must have reliable personal email and an Internet web access account. Merced College has an open computer lab where students can access the Internet to take these classes, but it is not open around the clock, on holidays, or Sundays.

It is strongly recommended that students have easy and regular access (preferably from home) to the ideniified types of equipment and software. These are minimum standards are listed at the end of this page.:

You can access faculty web pages through . They may contain valuable information relative to your online course:

All orientations and in-class sessions for Online Instruction take place on the Merced College Main Campus located at 3600 M Street in Merced.

Failure to attend a mandatory orientation or in-class session may result in your being dropped from the class by the instructor. Some of the instructors require that you e-mail them BEFORE THE CLASS BEGINS. It is highly recommended that you e-mail the instructor for instructions several weeks before the class begins.


800 MHz processor (1.5 GHz or higher recommended)
Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution video adapter and monitor (1024 x 768 or higher recommended)
Windows XP or Vista operating system
256 MB RAM (512 MB or greater recommended)


600 MHz power PC G4 or better (1 GHz or higher recommended)
800 x 600 resolution video adapter and monitor (1024 x 768 or higher recommended)
OSX 10.3.9 or later
128 MB RAM (512 MB or greater recommended)


56k modem or faster connectivity (Broadband connection such as DSL or cable recommended
Macintosh users will need Safari 1.2 or higher
PC users will need Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Firefox 2.0 or higher

 Note: Students using only AOL will encounter several challenges.