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Students are our focus and we are known by their success. The following students are prime examples of this mission statement. These eight students were chosen by the Area Faculty to receive awards in each of the main categories of the SME Area: Biological Science, Chemistry, Freshman Chemistry, Engineering, Health Science, Math and Physics as well as a Division Scholarship Award Winner.

Gurpreet Singh - Biological Science Award Winner

Gurpreet is transferring to UC Irvine in the fall of 2008 and plans to major in Biochemistry. He was offered the Regent's Scholarship from UC Irvine. The scholarship pays for the entire expenses for two years accompanied with priority registration. After majoring in Biochemistry, he plans to join pharmacy school at UCSF to obtain a Pharm. D degree. Gurpreet states, "Without the help of teachers at Merced College, I would not have been able to excel academically. They were knowledgeable and helpful."

Joe Correa- Chemistry Award Winner

Joe immigrated to Merced County from Zacatecas, Mexico when he was fourteen years of age. He attended Livingston High School where he eventually graduated. He decided to come back to school later on in life because he found out that it is very difficult to succeed in life without an education. His life experiences have made him take his education very serious. Joe earned an Associate's Degree in Chemistry from Merced College and is transferring to the University of California, Merced. His next academic goal is to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering. Joe declares, "The engineering profession is appropriate for me because I am a person who likes to face challenges and I do not hesitate to find a solution to any problem."

Luis Bernardo - Engineering Award Winner



Elaina Torralba - Health Science Award Winner

Elaina is working towards a degree in Registered Nursing. She would like to eventually work in the field of public health or research. She will be applying for the Registered Nursing program at Merced College this summer. She's heard it is pretty tough but is excited for the challenge. Elaina expresses, "I am really greatful for my science instructors preparing me for what is to come."


Yuko Ishihama - Math Award Winner

Channary Long - Physics Award Winner

Currently Channary's plan is to transfer to California State University, Fresno next semester. Her goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and then apply to a pharmacy school. As a future pharmacist, she hopes to one day open up her own pharmacy. Channary disclosed, "I want to thank all my professors who have helped me along the way. I had a wonderful time at Merced College."

Brian Gilchrist- Freshman Chemistry Award Winner

Keasha Blew - Division Scholarship Award Winner