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Life Fitness & Health
Life Fitness & Health

Welcome to the home page for the Life Fitness and Health Division. This is a good starting point to explore our divisional offerings. Today over fifty different classes are offered to cover a wide spectrum of activities. Classes are offered from traditional team sports to individual speciality activities such as fencing, rock climbing, martial arts, and many more.

It is our philosophy that physical fitness, healthful living practices and leisure time pursuits are elements of life that must be taught and reinforced and are essential components of a broad general education aimed to assist individuals to achieve their fullest human potential.

You can also easily access the requirements for an A.A. Degree in Physical Education, explore our course offerings, or find out about our Instructors and Staff Members.

  Areas of Study
Adaptives Health
Athletics Individual Sport Activities
Aquatics Sports Medicine
Dance Team Activity
Fitness/Cardiovascular Conditioning Theory and Practicum

Life Fitness & Health Division
Nancy Bates
Division Secretary

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