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Fitness LabFitness/Cardiovascular Conditioning

Merced College's Physical Education courses meet the five health-related components of physical fitness which include aerobic or cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. These classes are designed to encourage a life long fitness plan for the student.

Courses offered and instructors:

  • PHED-10A- Aerobics (Aerobic Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Aikido-Self Defense) - Instructors: Linda Welter, Rebecca Serna, Shelley Duncan, Stefanie Botsford, Connie Arthur, and Ofelia Cruz.
  • PHED-10B- Aerobic Circuit Training - Various Staff
  • PHED-10C- Circuit Weight Training - Various Staff
  • PHED-10D- Weight Training - Various Staff
  • PHED-10E- Fitness Through Activity (Fencing, Kickboxing, Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Basketball, Chinese Martial Arts) - Instructors: Fred Friedland, Steve Clark, Allen Huddleston, Ofelia Cruz, and Glen Abrescy.
  • PHED-10F- Flexibility and Cardiovascular Fitness: Dr. Roger Imbrogno
  • PHED-10H- Walking for Cardiovascular Conditioning and Flexibility: Bill Halpin

For more information, please refer to our catalog.

Instructors can be reached through the Life Fitness & Health Division Office at (209) 384-6021.