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Welding Technology

The Program

The Merced College Welding Technology Program prepares participants for employment in welding repair, job shop welding, and production welding. The program is also designed to retrain and update persons presently employed in welding and related trades.

The Program includes welding and related skills in the areas of: (OAW) oxyacetylene welding, (OFC-A) oxyacetylene cutting, (SMAW) shielded metal arc welding, (GMAW) gas metal arc welding, (GTAW) gas tungsten arc welding, and equipment used in metal fabrication. Basic welding processes are introduced and related skills are developed in the WELD 6 and WELD 7 courses. The WELD 40 courses are designed to develop skills in design, layout, selection of materials, and production welding. WELD 46 is structured to prepare students for and pass the structural AWS qualification test. The curriculum used in the welding program is competency based.

Students are required to furnish their own safety glasses, welding gloves, pliers, measuring tape and text.

Students who wish to construct personal welding projects in WELD 40A & WELD 40B are required to pay for the cost of their materials.

Certificate Programs

  • Welding Technology

Career Opportunities

The welding trade has maintained an above-average employment status during recent years. At present, this trend is still prevalent with the best opportunities being in the GMAW and GTAW welding processes.

The welding facility at Merced College is well furnished with up-to-date equipment with which students can attain the above skills. The instructional staff is composed of quality teachers with many years of experience in welding and closely related trades.

Instructional Program Faculty

  • Chad Russell - Welding instructor
    Phone:  (209) 384-6162
    Office:  Mechanized Agriculture-6
    Lab:  Industrial Technology-6

For information regarding the Welding Technology Program, call the Industrial Technology Division at (209) 384-6250 or schedule an appointment with an Industrial Technology counselor by calling the Guidance Center at (209) 384-6314.


Updated 08/03/2015