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3D Printing

The Drafting Department is now the proud owner of  Dimension uPrint and  ObJet 24 3D Printers. These printers can be used to create a physical model from any solid modeling program. The purpose of the printers are to give students an understanding of rapid protyping and its use in industry. As an added benefit of having it in house, we are able to open up to outside companies and individuals, offering 3D Printing services to them as well.


  • Model to be supplied in .STL format
  • Specify build and Support Solidity
  • Approve Cost Estimate


  • Printing a 3D Part is time consuming.
  • Printing time is Approx. one hour per cubic inch of material
  • Print jobs will be held until there are enough to justify
    loading & unloading the machine
    • Rush jobs are available



  • Print Area: 8 long x 6 wide x 6 high
  • Layer thickness: .010
  • Material: ABS+ Plastic
  • Method: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)


  • Students
    • $1.50 + $5 per cubic inch
  • General Public
    • $5.00 + $15 per cubic inch
  • Rush job
    • $20 in addition to Material

 uPrint in Action


Print Densities

Low Density is the recommended setting.




  • Print Area: 11.2 long x 6.1 wide x 6 highReplicator 2
  • Layer thickness: .008
  • Material: PLA
  • Method: FFM (Fused Fillament Modeling)


  • Students
    • $.048 per Gram
  • General Public
    • $.25 per Gram
  • Rush job
    • $20 in addition to Material


ObJet 24


  • Print Area: 9.45 long x 7.87 wide x 5.9 high
  • Layer thickness: .0011" (28 Microns)
  • Material: VeroWhite Plus
  • Method: PolyJet


  • Students
    • $.12 per Gram of Support, $.30 per Gram of Model (~75 Grams per Cubic inch)
  • General Public
    • $.30 per Gram of Support, $.90 per Gram of Model (~75 Grams per Cubic inch)
  • Rush job
    • $20 in addition to Material

ObJet in Action

objet   objet

Additional Information

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