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Career Opportunities

Crop Science

Students interested in a career related to the production or management of our society=s agricultural yield would do well to begin with formal training in Crop Science at Merced College.

As our population with its related need for food increases, so does the demand for Crop Science majors. According to Agriculture Department officials, starting salaries are at an all-time high and will remain so for the next decade.

Only two out of ten Crop Science graduates are involved with the actual production end of Crop Science. They work as self-employed farmers or in the farming, ranching, or dairy environment.

The remaining eight find positions in crop-related occupations such as crop processing and marketing, commodity sales, agriculture chemical sales, irrigation district, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and banking and corporate holdings in Agriculture Management.

These jobs are open to people from both urban and rural areas who have gathered their expertise through education in Crop Science.